Friday, August 19, 2011

Volkswagen Concept: the Trajes Manila Sedan Delivery

Fun Truckin’

Like cruizin’ above the crowd? Even lowered trucks are taller than regular Hot Volkswagens! Trucks are also tough; they have uh . . . pluck! Wazzat? Trucks are fun without all the fuss. They’re cozy, courageous and confident. And they’re cheap - cheaper than most other body styles.

If most show ‘n’ shiners scratched a fender, they’d be headed for the paint repair shop. But delivery truck owners shrug off small imperfections. Some even feel their ride doesn’t have much character without at least a small scratch.

If your a trucker, truckette, truckee, or truck-on type of volksrodder, you’ll want to get to see what’s already obvious: How much fun truckin’ can be.

Emmy needed something more spacious for her deliveries. Her dresses and couture gowns hardly fit in a regular VW, so this Trajes Manila Sedan Delivery concept is a perfect marriage between a vintage air-cooled and something a little more imaginative. Not wanting to settle for any run-of-the-mill transporter, we grafted the rear of a cast away kombi to a front end of a regular bug.

Reupholstered front seats offer comfy seating for two while the rear seats were tossed and a flat floor and sufficient cubby holes built-in the rear. Replica Empi 5-Spoke 17 inch rims add more chutzpah to the unique profile. Fresh coats of Bali Green cover straight bodywork with minimal chrome trim. A Hot Volks panel truck created from an early-model Volkswagen and left-over van panels, this Sedan Delivery is dedicated to fun truckin’. It’s another way to get your kicks on Route 66 . . . . or Rodeo Drive, if you prefer.

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