Monday, August 15, 2011

Volkswagen Concept No Mercy Emergency Ambulance

Here’s a cool ambulance concept! Guaranteed to turn the heads of the medical staff.

Volkswagen Concept: No Mercy Emergency Ambulance aims to resurrect local VW passion by re-inventing the Ambulance with a more radical Beetle-based theme. An abandoned late model

Volkswagen sedan was quickly located for the basis of this build. The VW sat in a backyard for over 30 years but the body was intact. A VW Type 1 modified into a panel truck.

Using an early Type2 panel, the rear pieces were metal-worked into shape by dedicated craftsmen.

I updated the suspension with a complete rebuild. The ball-joint front and IRS rear suspension assemblies were removed, cleaned, inspected for wear and parts replaced as necessary. A complete floorpan rebuild with fresh high grade metal pan halves provide a strong foundation while performance shocks and brakes complete the rejuvenation. The frame head was extended to give the concept a Volksrod flavor and a A set of polished Empi 5-spoke replica 18 inch rims (7 inch front, 9 inch rears) were donated to the project along with Nankang performance radials. A High-speed transmission was sourced and installed along with urethane motor mounts and fresh linkages. An 1835 engine was built for moderate performance and handles all emergencies. With Dual 44 Weber carburators providing enough grunt, an aircondition was installed as well as a 75 amp alternator. The elecronic distributor does away with the flimsy contact points and a merged header system completes the motor.

VW Concept: No Mercy Emergency Ambulance is covered by an eggshell urethane paint that highlights the expert body work done. Early Split Bus talights and Beetle H4 headlights complete the Roddin' look.

The interior boasts seats and door panels covered in black ultraleather and black german wool carpet adds duarbitlity. A Porsche 944 steering wheel was used, a complete set of Speedwell gauges were refurbished, and a Sony sound system installed.

Designed as a "Fly-Car", this emergency response vehicle can be used to reach a scene more quickly than a standard ambulance to bring a skilled resource to a scene. The fly-car enables the crew (often a lone responder) to bring their equipment quickly to the scene of an emergency, and may carry most of the same equipment as a full size ambulance.

Outfitted with an electronic siren, equipped with a PA, the latest portable two-way radio, mobile data terminals, or MDTs,and a Laptop computer with Wi-Fi docked within the vehicle. An in-ambulance cardiac monitor capable of acquiring 12-Lead EKGs, portable cots and backboards that are used to load patients into and out, and keep them secure while in transit. The No Mercy Emergency Fly-Car is also equipped with an Advanced Life Support System. The system contains a number of medical supplies, such as intubation equipment, intravenous drug administration tools, and administration sets. Administration set tools run the gamut from syringes and saline solution to defibrillators and electrodes. Other EMS equipment included includes catheters, endotracheal tubes, and padded arm boards.

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