Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Guiness World Record Attempt: Largest Parade of Volkswagen Vehicles

New Guiness World Record Attempt: Largest Parade of Volkswagen Vehicles (ALL Types of VWs recognized, Old and New, Air-cooled or Water-cooled)

This is set for Sunday, April 6, 2008, at the Quezon City Memorial Circle, Metro Manila, Philippines. Mayor Sonny Belmonte has graciously allowed the QC Hall Compound as the staging area

4:00AM-6:00AM - Gathering/Registration/Stickering
7:00AM - Parade Proper
10:00AM-12:00N - Concluding Programme/Awarding

(route - QC Hall, Once Around Elliptical Road, Quezon Ave, U-Turn Before Tunnel, Back to QC Hall for concluding programme)

Who Can Join: Anybody with a Volkswagen vehicle of any model/make/variant, in running condition is eligible to join the parade. whether owner-driven or friend-driven

How Much to Join: FREE!! NO CHARGE!!

Participants will receive a VW-Guiness Certificate and a commemorative sticker

Hot Dogs, San Mig Coffee and Pepsi Max will be served FREE to Participants!!

Pre-Registration Encouraged

We encourage those who will participate to pre-register as we see a lot of VW aficionados who will only register on the day itself. If you pre-register, you get:

1. Reserved parking area for pre-registered;
2. Reserved area to fill-out the registration forms;
3. Register with your whole group or barkada,
4. Get to bring home the certificate immediately after the event, otherwise you will have to pick it up on a later date at a time and place announced during the activity.

Please do not forget to include your group affiliation.

Application Form

Simply download application form, fill up and send to Firewire Marketing Consultancy or drop by Saturday night (9PM) at Burger King, Timog, approach any one of us.

Or Call: Firewire: 750-6197; 614-0090 - Ethel/Jean
Volkswagen Club : 721-5635 - Rose

Or click on

Or send via e-mail to

Or Fax to 723-4775

This will enable us to assign you an official number

If it is possible, we will try to arrange the VWs according to their types so that it would be a beautiful sight to see that is worth capturing on film.


A Message From The Volkswagen Club of the Philippines (VWCP) President

(March 5, 2008)

Dear VWCP Members and VW Enthusiasts,


Twenty seven (27) days from today or on April 6, 2008 we will be seeing the biggest gathering of Volkswagen Vehicles (of all kinds and makes) at the Quezon Memorial Circle from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. I request and strongly urge that each of us attend this big national and unprecedented event in which we will attempt to set a new Guinness Record. Let us be counted and be proud to put on our VWs a commemorative sticker which states that we are RECORD HOLDERS and PARTICIPANTS in this event which will be highlighted and recorded internationally.

The stickers will be given free to the participants on a per car basis. We will also be giving free breakfast on a per driver/participant basis together with all other amenities which would include a Certificate of Participation, among others.

The Quezon City Government was very generous enough to accommodate our requests by giving their all out support for the success of this affair. The accompanying event after the Guinness parade affair will be festive and the main venue is the Quezon City Hall Compound. There will be Programs and Entertainments for the participants, their families and guests. We will be having SWAP MEET, an opportunity for you to get the rarest and most difficult to find VW parts which you have been hunting for quite a time. Food stalls and concessions have been permitted by the City Government in order to serve the need of those who will not be able to avail of the Free Breakfast. Ample Accommodation, Security, Health and Fire Protection will be provided by the Quezon City Department of Public Safety, the PNP City Hall Detachment, the Bureau of Fire Protection, the Quezon City Health Department and the General Services Offices. To make the affair more attractive and festive the Quezon City Cultural and Tourism has pledged its all out assistance.

For our chapter's members who wish to stay overnight before the event but who would be financially burdened by a hotel accommodation fee, the city government has given the approval for them to pitch their tents at a designated and fully secured area within the City Hall Compound. They will be given access to the use of two comfort rooms at the ground floor, one for the male and the other for the female.

For those chapter members/provincial participants who would want discounted hotel rates, then they could coordinate with us for discounted rates at Fersal Hotel Chain, Quezon City which will be arranged for them courtesy of the Quezon City Cultural and Tourism Office. As I have said, we have worked for a "free" or "almost free" accommodation at Pearl Hotel Manila (joint in front of the NBI Headquarters) on a first come first serve and on a limited basis.

For the chapter in the island provinces (Panay and Iloilo) Past President Ed Roces is negotiating with Negros Navigation for a special accommodation or a discounted passenger/cargo fare. You will be accordingly notified of the results in this regard.

Let us therefore prepare our treasured VWs and be part of this event. For further particulars, please consult the flyers which we have regularly distributed.

Yours sincerely,

Atty. Sam Baldado
President, VWCP