Sunday, December 27, 2009

Volkswagen Concept: Thomas' Novuhair Truck

Fresh from the 24th VWCP Show. A concept VW pickup by Thomas Adam, a German who is a longtime Philippine resident.

Thomas bought this project at the end of 2008 from Raymond Bayer who's father had started it but, unfortunately, passed away and Raymond had no time nor interest to finish it.

At the time he bought the car the body was almost done. The idea of a VW pickup had been decided. However, Thomas injected a lot of personal touches. He replaced the late fenders, hood, and doors with the appropriate early parts. The paint chosen was 'coral red', an original VW colour of 1953 and 1954. The Dupont paint used was purchased from Highland Trading.

The tinsmithing took almost 4 months and the painting likewise. The project was very much delayed by last year's rainy and typhoon season. In fact, Thomas' place in Taguig was flooded for almost two weeks after Typhoon Ondoy's wrath.

Thomas chose a 1500 engine that he overhauled completely. He also upgraded Other mechanical parts to later era VWs like the bolt joints, dual circuit brake system, high torque starter, etc.

Many of the interior parts were ordered thru like the very rare oval armrest on the passenger side and the oval ashtray, speaker grill, tachometer with transparent needle, oval sun visor and rear view mirror, handles, etc.

The rims are also special: they come from an early split Kombi (owner decided to upgrade his to Porsche mag wheels), The Alberts outside mirrors are stainless steel reproductions made here in the Philippines (likewise, all the trims, etc.) The steering wheel is an original very early (split) standard steering wheel of Volkswagen which we were able to exchange with Christian (who owns one of the most accessorized beetles in the Philippines) against a new Banjo Steering wheel (Flat4 reproduction). The interior (seats, sidings, headliner, etc.) was made by Mang Rowen in Ortigas. The mechanical installations were done by Mang Bert. The overall supervision of this project had Audwil, who is a fellow vintage volkswagen aficionado. The pick up beetle (no name yet...) has won this year in the "special interest" category.

All in all this project has taken us about one year to finish. There are still many things that Thomas wants to improve, and, of course, has cost him quite a lot more than anticipated. But that's the 'fate' of any restoration project.

The pick up beetle is planned as an advertising vehicle for Thomas' all-natural hair grower (which is being marketed under the brand name Novuhair by Mercury Drug and World of Wellness).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Volkswgen Concept: Terracotta Slamma

If given the opportunity, this is what I would have done.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what Thomas did with the bug. It’s just, if it were me, I would have taken this truck to another level.

Volkswagen Concept: Teracotta Slamma builds on the great foundation of the Terracotta Truck and applies my own design cues to interpret the design into something my own.

First off, the things gotta be slammed! Stock is good but this VW’s attitude is a lot meaner, more purposeful. Another big change is the meatier meats on body colored Gas Burner rims to replace the wide 5 rims and ‘caps.

For me, the big change is in the body itself, We start off with a little off the top. A 3 inch top chop and matching “shorty” ragtop makes for a prettier profile. Instead of using flat sheet metal to define the pickup portion of the truck, I opted to use, pieces from another VW icon, the Type2, particluarly the corner windows, jail bars and the side intake vents. The re-design makes the truck look that much more in the 60’s VW design language.

A strong 1835, dual Weber fed, bullet-proof Type 1 handles the load quite well. A Narrowed KP/LP front end tucks the front wheels nicely into the early fenders, while a couple o clicks in the rear make the stance simply tasty.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Volkswagen Club of the Philippines (VWCP) All-VW Classic and Custom Show 2009

Volkswagen Club of the Philippines (VWCP) All-VW Classic and Custom Show 2009, Naval Parade Grounds, Fort Bonifacio, Sunday, December 6, 2009

UPDATE: 12/07/09

The turnout was great despite all the calamities that happened earlier this year. It was good to see the Vdubbers enjoy this day even if we had some real bad experiences. It was a time to tell our stories of how Ondoy devasted our community and how we coped, and how we got together to put all the bad things that happened behind and move on.

It was nice to see some cars already up and running but it was also sad to know that there are still some VDubs out there that have yet to recover. We miss them.

Some pictures

more pictures here:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Volkswagen Concept: LOWNSLO

Got Camber?

LoWNSLO is a rusty, lowered 1962 Volkswagen Beetle. Rat-look, slammed vintage Volkswagen.

A Rat-look Vdub is an old vintage Volkswagen that's been lowered and has original faded or worn paint. In the best case, the car will also have rust and patina. Mismatched panels, dents and missing parts enhance the look because they add more character and originality. Driving a Rat-looker is about making use of a car everyone else would avoid because it's "ugly" or "beyond repair" and being able to love it for what it is. It's enjoying your car because you built it the way you want, and not how everyone else thinks it should look.

LoWNSLO is a little 1962 VW thats crusty and slammed to the asphalt. Sitting outside some old boys house, uncovered for 27years, you can imagine the tin worm has got in and well and truly had a field day. But luckily the floor and heater channel bottoms completely rotted out so all the rain water just ran out and kept it pretty dry.

The build began by taking the fenders off, dropping the body off the chassis to the ground, new floorpans and heater channels welded in, Cut, turned and narrowed beam, dropped spindles for the front and three clicks at the rear drop the chassis low enough to scrape the pavement with even just a hint of a dip.

We may as well have a tasty little stock 1200 motor up for it and a set of well-worn 5.60x15 Denman Elegantes on rotten 5 bolt rims sans 'caps. Completely worked over braking and steering systems and a new set of Bugpac shocks finish off the rolling stock.

A bargain roofrack with a vintage cooler, a hat box and period suitcases, flanked with a thermador vintage "swamp-cooler" adds the distinctive style popular with many ratty rides. LOWNSLO is smothered with crusty surface rust that just adds icing to the cake.

Well it boils my kettle i tell ya!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Schwimmer Illustrations

Can't get enough of this.

A side view with Emmy and Deano driving with the top up

Side View with the top down

Finally, driving the Ondoy flooded streets of Manila

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Volkswagen Concept: Kupferner Kopf (Copper Head)

Do you remember the classic Volkswagen 411?

Even though the VW 411 did not break any sales records, this model has an important role to play in Volkswagen’s automobile history as the last large series model with air cooling and a rear-mounted engine.

The Volkswagen 411 began its life as Heinrich Nordhoff's attempt to penetrate the luxury-car market and expand VW's image to include upscale and highly developed products on a far grander scale than previously done. It was to follow the typical VW layout with a rear aircooled engine and rear-wheel drive and to establish the new vehicle in the upper midsize segment which was beyond the reach of the Beetle and the Type 3.

A drivers dream?

Yes and no. It was fairly quiet and comfortable and the front seats were particularly comfortable. The interior was roomy and made for an ideal family car. Since much of the car's weight was over the drive wheels, the car performed well on snowy roads. For this reason, the publicity concentrated on technical innovations and the high level of comfort as well as highlighting typical Volkswagen characteristics such as quality, economic efficiency and service.

The Type 4 was larger than the Volkswagen Type 3 and had a more powerful engine. The ads claimed there had never been a VW like this before. And they were quite right. This was the very first model with a unibody, a four-door option, more space than any other Volkswagen and a longer wheelbase than the Beetle. The innovative sporty chassis with MacPherson strut front suspension and rear suspension with double joint axles, also used in the Porsche 911, made sure the car hold the road well. The midsize saloon featured “the luxury of a luxury car”. “Wolfsburg’s biggie” offered customers space and ride comfort, enhanced safety, a total 570 litres of luggage space in the front and rear and an optional automatic transmission.

Volkswagen Concept: Kupferner Kopf pays tribute to all the technical improvements Volkswagen had made to the 411 but also introduces modern tuning techniques. Radically lowering the front and rear uses fairly common Porsche 911 struts. The engine itself is a much modified Type4. the engine block is native to this car but with performance modifications that were born on the racing circuit. Massive 103mm pistons, counterweighted crankshafts, and a fuel injection system make the stout engine a performer as well.

The wheel of choice are restored 4 bolt Sprintstars shod with Michelin radials on all four corners. The reupholstered VW 411 seats speak volumes on the comfort of these seats.

Forty years have passed since Volkswagen presented the VW 411 in Wolfsburg, at that time the company’s largest and most powerful model yet. All these points make the car so fun and interesting. Someone must take care of these cars, they are Volkswagens, and there aren't many left...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fishing at Lake Caliraya

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Herbie Rides Again Illustration

The second Herbie Illustration is from Herbie Rides Again. This one features Helen Hayes driving Herbie with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Volkswagen Concept: Schwimmer

During WWII, the Type 166 Schwimmwagen boasted a four-wheel drive system that not only improved cross-country ability but offered better weather protection than the motorcycle/sidecar combination that was used for reconnaissance at the time. Harsh conditions, especially at the eastern front, proved the Schwimmwagen's simple mechanicals and light weight to traverse difficult terrain with ease and reliability. Initially planned as a reconnaissance vehicle, better weather protection, and outstanding amphibious capabilities were much appreciated by the soldiers who used them.

This Volkswagen Concept Schwimmer pays homage to both the sturdy Schwimmwagen and the iconic Meyers Manx dune buggy, made popular during the sixties. Made out of durable fibreglass, the Schwimmer uses dune buggy manufacturing techniques while remaining faithful to the the design of the original war-time original. Both the top and the windshield were chopped 8 inches to give a more purposeful profile.

Using a standard Type1 Beetle chassis, the Schwimmer forgoes four-wheel drive capabilities, allowing for a much lowered stance complete with Porsche "Gas Burner" rims and performance radials for the street. It's aquatic acrobatics are not compromised with a near duplicate of the Schwimmwagens propeller and shaft connected to the VW motor.

The engine itself is a much modified Type1 displacing 1800cc with dual Weber 44 carbs sealed water tight for soujourns into flooded areas. The exhaust is routed up above the body to make it as amphibious as possible.

A perfect vehicle for typhoon season.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Volkswagen Concept: RostKubel

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel has gained near mythical status because of his successes in the field from his command leadership during the campaign of France and in North Africa. The AFRIKAKORPS was the original and more famous name for the German Sperrverband or “Blocking Force” sent to Libya in 1941 during the North African Campaign of World War II. The AFRIKAKORPS, became a major German contribution to Panzer Army Africa - Panzerarmee Afrika and the Army Group Africa - Heeresgruppe Afrika.

Based heavily on the Volkswagen Beetle, the Kubelwagen (Bucket Car) became known internally as the Type 82. With its rolling chassis and mechanics built at Stadt des KdF-Wagens (Stadt des Kraft durch Freude Wagens, now Wolfsburg) and its body built by US-owned firm Ambi Budd in Berlin, the K├╝belwagen was for the Germans what the jeep was for the Allies. A survivor of WWII, a rusted shell was all that remains of this once mighty war machine. This Volkswagen Type82 KubelWagen was rodded up using techniques popularized by the SOCal group.

It is this model that is the basis for a California VRod inspired rendering. Giving the RostKubel (RustBucket) a radical Volksrod Look. The rusty body was left untouched while new underpinnings and new pan halves give it a new lease on life.

A new top, sidings, and upholstery make trips enjoyable. Military camouflage materials especially suit this ex-personnel transport. A lot of cutting, twisting and extending of the torsion front suspension was required. Early Porsche Fuchs and Potenza Advan tires give it more grip on the road. A thumpin 2180CC with dual QP headers, 009, and alternator sing with daily driver dependability. Dual Weber 48s motivates this vintage Volksrod to sub 12 second quarter miles slips.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Volkswagen Concept: VW California

Two-tone silver and black coat the massaged early Type1. VW California evokes the much-loved Porsche 356 Speedster treatment. Which means a lightweight, stripped-down, bare-bones track rat. First, the bumpers are removed. The body panels then are painstakingly straightened before paint is sprayed on.

Michelin radials hug 15 inch Porsche Gas Burner alloy rims. Lowered trailing Arms with Koni adjustable shocks accept Porsche 912 brake upgrades. Front trailing arms and dropped spindles on a narrowed beam with same Porsche brake upgrades firm up the front.

The interior is bathed in rich ox-blood leather, complemented with aluminum accents. VDO gauges complete the track inspired interior. The only concession to comfort is the iPod powered sound system.

The Topchop is the single strongest visual statement. The roof, door tops and quarter windows are unceremoniously removed. A V-shaped Auburn-like windscreen and side panels are made out of plexiglass replacing the heavy OEM parts.

A Gene Berg, close-ratio 5-speed gearbox tames the grunt of the blueprinted 2180cc Type1 engine.

Volkswagen Concept: IPIS, A Reprise

Volkswagen Concept: Raspberry Maple Woodie for 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Herbie and Ghia are CLEAN :)

After a thorough washing, Herbie and Ghia are under wraps waiting their turn for a complete re-greasing and change of fluids (Oil, brake, transmission, gas)

It would take a couple more weeks but they both will be back better than before :)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Ghia and Herbie Got Trapped in the APC Basement During Typhoon Ondoy’s Fury

Typhoon Ondoy (international codename Ketsana) ravaged Metro Manila, Philippines last Saturday September 26, 2009. Both Ghia and Herbie got trapped in the school’s basement which promptly filled with flood waters.

Took some time to clean some of our belongings before the tow truck comes

It’s hard to feel sorry for myself when a lot of my countrymen have NOTHING left! As far as my VWs go, they will be torn down and rebuilt hopefully better than before. I tried to make Herbie a HGTMC clone but I think I have a very convincing Bananas Herbie no? Hahaha. All I can do is laugh. (on the outside)

Need to disinfect them both :)

At least Ocho is on dry land. I’m having them (Herbie and Ghia) towed to a Volksbuddy that has a VW repair shop. The upholstery is gone, need to be replaced. Need to tear down the engine, suspension, brakes.

Cmon Ocho… TRY!, TRY!

Will keep you guys posted

More pictures from the basement here

Pictures of when we managed to pull them out to dry land

Thursday, September 24, 2009

24th VWCP Show Poster Proposal

This is the 1st proposal for the December All-VW Classic and Custom Car Show of the VW Club of the Philippines. It's our 24th edition of the annual event and we are really ramping up the planning.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Adventures of Herbie in Manila

May 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hotrod Festival & Car Restoration Expo

This will be held on March 15, 2009, Sunday, at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The different car clubs will meet in different areas and then meet up in a long motorcade along a route to be announced later.

Each car club will have a Miss Hotrod candidate who will be their representative in the beauty and talent competition.

Expect “Lindsay” and “Herbie” to make an appearance on that day.

Each car club by the way will be given 20 parking slots. We will try our best to have all VW cars in attendance to be group altogether reminiscent of the parking we did during the last Guinness attempt. Traditionally, in all car club meets in the recent past, the VW contingent has always been the largest in attendance. Let us not break that tradition…let’s all bring out our VWs and ROAR!

Stay tuned for further announcements

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The VWCP is going to the 09 Hot Air Balloon Festival

The VWCP is going to the 09 Hot Air Balloon Festival. The Club will have a bug-run to Clark Field, Angeles, Pampanga on Sunday, February 15, 2009. We invite all our VW friends to join us for a fun-filled day enjoying the sight of those huge balloons and tons of aircraft inspired activities.

For 2009, well over 100,000 spectators are expected to attend five days of fun in the skies To be held at the Clark Civil Aviation Complex, right alongside the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport. It looks as if 25 countries will be joining this event, which seems to be growing by leaps and bounds each year and becoming more like a major air show than a hot air balloon event. This years balloon festival is lining-up to be the greatest ever, and it will be easier to attend then ever before. So, if you have never been to this mega event, or if you wait anxiously each year to see the myriad of balloons and other demonstration aircraft and exhibits, then join us for this fun event for the whole family.

As usual practice, we meet at Burger King Timog and will stop at the last TOTAL gasoline station at EDSA before turning right to NLEX Balintawak. We intend to leave at 5:00 am or even earlier to catch the early lift off schedules of the balloons.

Bring cold weather clothes. . . your jackets, sweaters, caps, etc to keep warm in the early morning and don’t forget to bring your cameras and videocams.

The VWCP Pampanga boys will again be the most generous hosts. If time permits, we can all have lunch at the local BBQ joint as in the recent past.

more photos here