Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Volkswagen Concept: SuperSally

What about a 1979 Volkswagen 4-door 1303S? What if a couple of VW engineers decided to build the Ultimate Super Beetle. Based on the Rommetsch Taxi of the early 50s, this 80s interpretation is bigger, faster, and safer. Taking a box-stock Euro-spec 1303S, they custom engineered the four doors exclusively using original parts. They intentionally updated the engine to add more muscle for the extra weight. Unfortunately, the time was nearly over for factory air-cooled cars, so the idea was never considered.

The story might not be true but you can start on your own SuperSally with a sad and neglected Volkswagen 1303. While still plentiful, the recent interest in them have been driving up prices on solid examples. The four-door conversion itself takes careful planning but only require another set of doors and the services of a skilled bodyman.

Shocking Pink SuperSally is roomy and comfortable. 17' front and 19" rear polished BRM replicas and Michelin radials provide extreme grip and traction with a little sacrifice in ride comfort. But the rebuilt McPherson front end with Koni shocks and Porsche disc brakes handles the bumps and jumps brilliantly. Reworked rear torsion leaves, Porsche 944 control arms, Porsche disc brakes and Koni shocks lower the rear end.

The recovered Recaros replace the original VW seats. Matching cappuccino custom door panels follow the original VW style. Everything else, even the steering wheel , gauges and switches are original VW.

A 1915cc Type 1 motor, discrete dual quiet packs with CB-Performance fuel injection provide SuperSally sass. Ride Sally ride, ride Sally ride. . .

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