Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Volkswagen Concept: Raspberry Maple Woodie for 2010

Simply Heaven. It starts off with the raspberry tang followed with a slight prickling of the tongue then a delicious warmth fills your mouth. I quickly noticed the maple syrup in it and having a major sweet tooth, I was a little overwhelmed, but not for long.

Our Raspberry Maple Woodride, created here by our Volkschef, is great to use with a salad topped with lobster or chicken. It can also be used for cooking and for dipping, perfect for a day at the beach. This termite delight contains red raspberry syrup, pure light maple wood, wide tires on 17″ Escara rims, 1600cc dual-port Type1 engine, cream leather upholstery, and parsley but with no added suger.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Volkswagen Concept: the DEUCE

Let's start this out right, by admitting that hardly anyone has any idea what a Deuce Coupe is. Sure it's a car, but what kind?

Nowadays, most people don't know what a Deuce Coupe looks like, but if you saw the movie American Graffiti, you saw the very definition of aDeuce Coupe. You know, the yellow hot rod that the cowboy drove? That was a Deuce Coupe.

A proper Deuce Coupe is a car produced by Ford in 1932 (the "2" in 1932 is the "deuce"). Most of them had big V8 engines and were popular for drag racing. Everyone wanted one because Deuce Coupes had great lines, and you could make street rods out of them that looked so dangerously sexy. But the 1932 Fords weren't just coupes - they also came as roadsters and sedans.

The Deuce Coupe would be immortalized in song by The Beach Boys and in the 1973 movie “American Graffiti,” in which a sulking John Milner, prowling the neon-lit streets of a small Southern California town in a yellow coupe, gave new meaning to the word “cool.”

"Little Deuce Coupe" written by Brian Wilson and Roger Christian. The song first appeared as the b-side to The Beach Boys' 1963 single "Surfer Girl". It was released on the Surfer Girl album and then again as the title track of the album Little Deuce Coupe.

Inspired by the legendary Deuce Coupe, this VW Concept starts out with a 1962 VW Sedan. (the “2” in 62 is the “deuce”. Now fenderless, the VW Concept: DEUCE veers away from traditional Cal-Look expressions and breathes Volks-rod inspiration into it. Completely coated in chrome yellow polyurethane, it pays homage to the Milner Coupe from American Graffitti fame.

To give the DEUCE enough horsepower to back up its tough look, a 200HP Type 1 Volkswagen engine was built bulletproof. It has full-flow oiling with a Maxi30 pump. 94mm Mahle pistons with A Race Pro 84mm crankshaft with Chevy journals and forged 1.4:1 rockers bump the stocker to 2332cc. Other goodies include a lightened flywheel, wedge-port heads with 44×37 valves, Dual 48mm Weber IDA carbs and a 1 3/4? merged ceramic coated exhaust.

17 inch BRMs with 195/40X17 front and 225/45×17 rear Yokohama Advan AO48 provide fantastic grip. Time-honored methods of lowering the front end is used, the front end features Avis beam-adjusters, a CB Performance dropped spindles, koni shocks. While extending the wheelbase a little bit pushes the wheels outwards, this modification is the final piece in the Volksrod puzzle. The rear torsion bar was adjusted 2 notches to bring the ride height down to the pavement.

A close ratio Volkswagen Type 1 Pro Street IRS transmission, features a Super Diff, Aluminum side covers, Welded 3-4 hubs, and hardened keys.