Thursday, July 07, 2011

Volkswagen Concept: Riva

Those in the know, treasure a small exclusive Italian sports boat company with the Riva name. As in the case of Porsche, the family of Pietro, Serafino, and Carlo Riva, produces a product lusted after by the rich and famous. From the 60s on, anyone who’s anyone owned these sleek, fast wooden watercraft. Sean Connery, Prince Rainier of Monaco, Frank Sinatra, the list goes on.

The exquisite shape is mimicked by this Riva. Based on a Volkswagen Brazilia, this concept embraced a life close to the sea. The Volkswagen Brazilia, long considered the ugly duckling of Philippine Volkwagen mania, is finally turning into a much loved swan! No longer trapped in the city, Volkswagen Concept: Riva frequents the local hot spots of Boracay. The additional room is quite unexpected but appreciated. It really is much roomier than a comparable Volkswagen Beetle. While the white sand gets into practically everywhere, Riva is built to party.

After chopping of roof and sides of the abandoned donor Volkswagen Brazila, pinoy craftsmen thoroughly and painstakingly measured and fit Philippine wood to frame and dress up the sides and rear of Riva.

The rear hatch gives the rear the shape critical to the Riva mystique.

Solid dark red is painted on the front of this early and rare VW. A removable, folding canvas “bop-top” provides minimal solar protection when needed.

Power comes from an 1835, dual Weber 40-fed, motor that offers brisk performance while maintaining economy. Safety first with the rebuilt suspension, steering, and brakes.

Big 17 inch BRM Classic rims and Dunlop tires provide enough contrast for the woodwork.

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