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out·law [out-law]
1.a lawless person or habitual criminal, especially one who is a fugitive from the law.
2.a person, group, or thing excluded from the benefits and protection of the law.
3.a person under sentence of outlawry.
4.a person who refuses to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group; rebel;
nonconformist: one of the outlaws of country music.
5.Chiefly Western U.S.
a.a horse that cannot be broken; a mean, intractable horse.
b.any rogue animal.

An increasingly popular trend among Porsche circles today is the proliferation of what is known as the Outlaw 356s.

Most of the people who build outlaw 356s normally are not taking historically significant, rare, or untouchable 356s and cutting them up. Instead of restoring more common 356 models which could prove to be extremely expensive, many would rather customize these cars.

However, there is nary a line that is not crossed which upsets the Porsche purists greatly.

Dean Jeffries is generally credited with building the very first 356 Outlaw. In 1957, he immediately customized his new 1956 356 Carrera to draw attention to his fledgling custom shop in Southern California. "Back then", he said, "only the sports car guys had any money. Most of the hot rodders were broke."

Following Jeffries was Gary "The Oulaw" Emory. Emory was christened "The Outlaw" because of his extensive collection of customized 356s. After an exceptional career in concours restoration, he found himself building cars he could enjoy more, and drive more, much like an Outlaw 356.

One of the Outlaw 356s I've lusted after is the black 1964 Porsche 356 owned by Chris Toy. At first glance, you could mistake it for a well-cared for classic Porsche. Chris intentionally kept the exterior as original as possible, concentrating on stealthy performance. Open the hood and you would not believe the engine he managed to squeeze into the 356 engine bay. Chris dropped a 1979 930 Turbo engine into the car. This is a 356 with the soul of a Porsche 911 Turbo.

Mama Mia!!!……..

My passion for cars is epitomized by the Outlaw 356. Having a car that blends modern technology with vintage romance has always boiled my kettle. A vintage car that is fun to drive. Old school with new vibe!

For this concept, I would have gladly started out with a clapped-out 356 Speedster but a fiberglass replica makes the process that much faster.

Flared fenders front and rear covers massive 18x7 inch front and 19x10 inch rear Fuchs. The interior is gutted and a rollcage protects the driver from serious injury in the event of a rollover.

In order to escape the long arm of the law, this outlaw packs a Turbonetics ceramic coated T-66
turbocharger that feeds a fire-breathing 2387 monster engine. Plumbed completely with AN fittings and hoses, a 5/8 inch fuel line delivers the juice to the fuel injectors at a constant 75 pounds. Aeromotive billet fuel system with filter pump and rising rate regulator combine with a Canton Accusump/pre-oiler and a Canton high flow filter to protect the engine/bearings from
start-ups. The system has an additional 2 quarts of oil ready if pressure drops below 25 psi.

A CB performance fully clearanced raised roof aluminum case wears 86 Scat forged billet crankshaft with 5.7 inch Pauter rods with Chevy journals. 94mm JE pistons with Mahle Millenium cylinders push the gases through a pair of CB Performance Street Eliminator heads with titanium 46mm intake and 38mm exhaust valves reshaped 66cc chambers and k800 springs. An Engle FK87 camshaft wity .320 degree duration and .561 inch lift at the valves with 28mm lightweight lifters and CB chromoly pushrods, forged 1.4:1 ratio rockers. An 8:1
compression ratio ignition system consists of a JayCee crank trigger firing an MSD 1AL3 box with HVC2 coil going through a JayCee billet distributor. A CB Performance fuel injection system with Quick Tune computer and trick Sync Link cable linkage and a 1 5/8 inch Hideaway Turbo System exhaust, lightened 200mm flywheel, and KEP Stage 2 clutch and Super Black Magic
disc round out the engine specs.

The engine is dynoed at well over 500 HP with VP race fuel, methanol and 30 pounds of boost. For the street, the detuned setup with 12 pounds of boost, using premium fuel still tips the dyno at 300 HP.

A race-tough transmission using a gusseted Rhino case, Weddle 1st through 4th gears, Gene Berg side covers, case stiffeners, solid mounts and a Pro Shift was built to handle the massive horsepower.

Despite the fender flares, a custom 4 inch narrowed beam with offset shock towers and longer arms by KCW in Colorado fiited with QA1 adjustable billet shocks, CB dropped spindles and disk brakes with Airkewld master cylinders were needed to fit the massive front tires.

Sway-A-Way adjustable spring plates, JayCee retainers, Eyeball Engineering torque bar, camber compensator, Sway-A-Way axles, torsion bars, CB performance disc brakes were also fitted to the rear to fill in the full rear flairings.

Custom windscreen, side windows and an aerodeck pump up the bodywork while a quartet of foglights brighten night-time assaults on the twisties.

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