Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Volkswagen Concept: Hebmeuller Superbe

Throw away the book.

Guaranteed to turn heads is this Heb-style 1303 Super Beetle. A look at what could have been if Hebmeuller Coachcraft survived the war and continued to produce it’s 2-seat Convertible into the Super Beetle era.

Most assuredly, Hebmeuller would be at the forefront of VW advancements. As the VW Convertible evolved into the 1303 model, Hebmeuller also followed suit.

The Hebmeuller Superbé is a Volkswagen Concept based on a late model 1303S Convertible. The Superbé features the distinctive curved 03 windshield, the re-engineered VW top, and at the rear, the smoothened hood that echoes the sexy Heb shape.

Giving Superbé the visual jolt is the bright tangerine sides with the straight black body. Bilstein adjustable coilovers replace tired VW McPherson struts and the Brembo brake upgrades are decades more advanced. Polished EMPI 18-inch replica wheels with Fulda rubber fill-in the reworked fenders quite nicely. Modifying the Hebmeuller in the popular German-Look formula, Porsche 944 Turbo trailing Arms with Bilstein adjustable shocks and same Brembo brake upgrades round out the rear. A fire-breathing, blueprinted 3.0 liter Type4 engine, mated to a rare Gene Berg 5-speed gearbox pushes the Hebmeuller Superbé flat out at the ‘Bahn.

The “Burnt Orange” leather interior is luscious, it hides the audio/video gear from prying eyes. The clean dash features VDO white faced gauges. Twin Recaros in matching orange leather regularly gather crowds at the local Mickey D’s.


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