Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Volkswagen Concept: VW California

Two-tone silver and black coat the massaged early Type1. VW California evokes the much-loved Porsche 356 Speedster treatment. Which means a lightweight, stripped-down, bare-bones track rat. First, the bumpers are removed. The body panels then are painstakingly straightened before paint is sprayed on.

Michelin radials hug 15 inch Porsche Gas Burner alloy rims. Lowered trailing Arms with Koni adjustable shocks accept Porsche 912 brake upgrades. Front trailing arms and dropped spindles on a narrowed beam with same Porsche brake upgrades firm up the front.

The interior is bathed in rich ox-blood leather, complemented with aluminum accents. VDO gauges complete the track inspired interior. The only concession to comfort is the iPod powered sound system.

The Topchop is the single strongest visual statement. The roof, door tops and quarter windows are unceremoniously removed. A V-shaped Auburn-like windscreen and side panels are made out of plexiglass replacing the heavy OEM parts.

A Gene Berg, close-ratio 5-speed gearbox tames the grunt of the blueprinted 2180cc Type1 engine.

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