Thursday, November 26, 2009

Volkswagen Concept: LOWNSLO

Got Camber?

LoWNSLO is a rusty, lowered 1962 Volkswagen Beetle. Rat-look, slammed vintage Volkswagen.

A Rat-look Vdub is an old vintage Volkswagen that's been lowered and has original faded or worn paint. In the best case, the car will also have rust and patina. Mismatched panels, dents and missing parts enhance the look because they add more character and originality. Driving a Rat-looker is about making use of a car everyone else would avoid because it's "ugly" or "beyond repair" and being able to love it for what it is. It's enjoying your car because you built it the way you want, and not how everyone else thinks it should look.

LoWNSLO is a little 1962 VW thats crusty and slammed to the asphalt. Sitting outside some old boys house, uncovered for 27years, you can imagine the tin worm has got in and well and truly had a field day. But luckily the floor and heater channel bottoms completely rotted out so all the rain water just ran out and kept it pretty dry.

The build began by taking the fenders off, dropping the body off the chassis to the ground, new floorpans and heater channels welded in, Cut, turned and narrowed beam, dropped spindles for the front and three clicks at the rear drop the chassis low enough to scrape the pavement with even just a hint of a dip.

We may as well have a tasty little stock 1200 motor up for it and a set of well-worn 5.60x15 Denman Elegantes on rotten 5 bolt rims sans 'caps. Completely worked over braking and steering systems and a new set of Bugpac shocks finish off the rolling stock.

A bargain roofrack with a vintage cooler, a hat box and period suitcases, flanked with a thermador vintage "swamp-cooler" adds the distinctive style popular with many ratty rides. LOWNSLO is smothered with crusty surface rust that just adds icing to the cake.

Well it boils my kettle i tell ya!

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