Monday, October 05, 2009

Ghia and Herbie Got Trapped in the APC Basement During Typhoon Ondoy’s Fury

Typhoon Ondoy (international codename Ketsana) ravaged Metro Manila, Philippines last Saturday September 26, 2009. Both Ghia and Herbie got trapped in the school’s basement which promptly filled with flood waters.

Took some time to clean some of our belongings before the tow truck comes

It’s hard to feel sorry for myself when a lot of my countrymen have NOTHING left! As far as my VWs go, they will be torn down and rebuilt hopefully better than before. I tried to make Herbie a HGTMC clone but I think I have a very convincing Bananas Herbie no? Hahaha. All I can do is laugh. (on the outside)

Need to disinfect them both :)

At least Ocho is on dry land. I’m having them (Herbie and Ghia) towed to a Volksbuddy that has a VW repair shop. The upholstery is gone, need to be replaced. Need to tear down the engine, suspension, brakes.

Cmon Ocho… TRY!, TRY!

Will keep you guys posted

More pictures from the basement here

Pictures of when we managed to pull them out to dry land

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Bart said...

Hi nice to met you!

Really sad what ketsana did, hope your oldies are not damaged too much.
They are beautiful.

I´m in dezember in Manila maybe we can meet us for a red horse and talk about our passion.

nice regards and keep on riding
Bart from Austria

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