Friday, September 24, 2010

Volkswagen Concept: Pula Kahula

This pula kahula was shreddin the gnarl. There were no men in grey suits for this totally tubular ride into the shore. This gidget was crushin it. Notice the righteous switchfoot maneuver and aggro kickout.

The frogs on toast were riding their fibro tiki style just watching the babanees babelini jazzing the glass.

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pula kahula (hot mama)
shreddin (executing repeated turns)
gnarl (difficult waves)
men in grey suits (sharks)
tubular (awesome)
gidget (surf chick who can hang with the crew)
crushin (surfing hard)
righteous (honorable, awesome)
switchfoot (surfer who can surf with either foot forward)
aggro (aggressive)
kickout (controlled exit from a wave by riding up the face and over the top)
frogs on toast (boogie boarders)
fibro (surfboards)
tiki style (surf the white water standing still. . . like a tiki)
babanees (sexy)
babelini (girl)
jazzing the glass (surfing the waves)

The only identifiable VW sheetmetal left are the Brazilian front cut and an early VW hood. Flattened black paint was chosen that helps endure salty water sprays from the beach and reduces glare. HiD headlight and LED tail light conversions provide "modern" lighting at night while four-wheel disc brakes and Koni shocks firm up the handling. The off-white interior features Batangas-sourced embroidered linen for the seats and the door panels with Manila hemp carpeting are perfect complements to the wooden exterior.

Volkswagen Concept: Pula Kahula was built out of another abandoned Brazilian VW sedan and made into a Volkswagen “woodie”, again, with a Volksrod flavor. Handcrafted wood panels built around the extended Volkswagen pan echoes the extremely popular SoCal surf woodies. Fenderless, bumperless, with the wheelbase extended, It gives a hot rod flavor to the Volkswagen. Pula Kahula was designed to be more of a scooter than the feature-laden Lemonade Volksrod. The woodwork is much simplified, is shorter and lighter. Original VW Speedometer and gas gauge was used to keep the interior simple. No mega-buck sound system is needed. Instead, a simple iPod setup with Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty DSP pumps Punch subs, and the Audiobahn A12005DN amplifier keep the rock rollin’.

18 inch BRM-style alloys with 235/40X18 front and 255/45×18 rear Yokohama Advan AO48, single block with a race-ready compound provide fantastic grip. The front end features a CB Performance dropped spindle and the rear torsion bar was adjusted 2 notches to bring the ride height down to the pavement.

Pula Kahula's got horsepower to burn! A 200HP Type 1 Volkswagen engine features full-flow oiling with a Maxi30 pump. The 2332cc four-banger has 94mm Mahle pistons with A Race Pro 84mm crankshaft with Chevy journals and forged 1.4:1 rockers. A lightened flywheel, wedge-port heads with 44×37 valves, Dual 48mm Weber IDA carbs and a 1 3/4" merged ceramic coated exhaust complete the muscular powerplant. A close ratio Volkswagen Type 1 Pro Street IRS transmission brings the power to the pavement. The beefed-up tranny features a Super Diff, aluminum side covers, welded 3-4 hubs, and hardened keys.

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