Thursday, July 15, 2010

Volkswagen Concept: Twisted

Opting to black out the previous two-tone, Volkswagen Concept: Twisted ups the ante for custom Karmann Ghias in this part of the world. Embracing German-Look principles, a stout 200HP Type 1 Volkswagen engine powers Twisted past the city speed limits. 94mm Mahle pistons with A Race Pro 84mm crankshaft with Chevy journals and forged 1.4:1 rockers bump the stocker to 2332cc. It features full-flow oiling with a Maxi30 pump. A lightened flywheel, wedge-port heads with 44×37 valves, Dual 48mm Weber IDA carbs and a dual 1 3/4" merged ceramic coated exhaust. the engine compartment, aside from the aluminum firewall and side panels are paint gloss black. The ebony treatment covers the engine shroud, alternator, pulley, aircondition compressor, and distributor.
The close ratio Volkswagen Type 1 Pro Street IRS transmission, featuring a Super Diff, aluminum side covers, Welded 3-4 hubs, and hardened keys, all connect to 17 inch Porsche Twists with 195/50X17 front and 255/55×17 rear Yokohama Advan AO48, single block with a race-ready compound. Suspension tuning relies on Koni shocks and a 1 3/4 ” front rollbar, the front end features a CB Performance dropped spindle and the rear torsion bar were adjusted 2 notches to bring the ride height down to street - tough levels.

Inside, black leather adorns the '71 Karmann Ghia seats, door panels and black German wool carpet dominates the seating area. A restored 71 black Ghia steering wheel with half moon ring coupled with VDO white-face Speedometer with fuel gauge dominates the dash. The stock fuel gauge location was replaced with VDO white-faced temperature oil gauge and the stock clock location was replaced with a VDO white-face oil pressure gauge. A VDO white-face tachometer fit on an external mount sits under the steering Wheel.

Finally, a Streetbeat custom black fabric ragtop designed for a Ghia, is expertly grafted on for open-air motoring.

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