Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Volkswagen Concept: Raspberry Maple Woodie for 2010

Simply Heaven. It starts off with the raspberry tang followed with a slight prickling of the tongue then a delicious warmth fills your mouth. I quickly noticed the maple syrup in it and having a major sweet tooth, I was a little overwhelmed, but not for long.

Our Raspberry Maple Woodride, created here by our Volkschef, is great to use with a salad topped with lobster or chicken. It can also be used for cooking and for dipping, perfect for a day at the beach. This termite delight contains red raspberry syrup, pure light maple wood, wide tires on 17″ Escara rims, 1600cc dual-port Type1 engine, cream leather upholstery, and parsley but with no added suger.

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