Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Volkswagen Concept: Kamagong Ghia Surfwagen

What if Volkswagen produced a limited number of these sport wagens. Capitalizing on it’s popularity in the 60s California beach scene, and transforming a sleek sports car into a surf wagen, Volkwagen could’ve offered an alternative to the ultimate beach ride, the VW Bus.

Or you could do it yourself. Weld-in a rust-free Volkswagen Type3 Squareback top, side windows and rear hatch to fit a solid 60s Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. Kamagong is one of the hardest woods used in traditional Philippine furnitures.

Often mistaken for Mahogany, the Kamagong is actually a different tree altogether.Pinoy craftsmen used lots of kamagong veneer and strips to form a wooden frame for the area around the squareback windows. Expertly shaped and sanded into shape, the new phantom body is a welcome concept.

This Surfwagen is fitted with classy polished 17" BRM-replica rims with Michellin tires. Power comes from a 2-liter, dual Weber-fed, pancake motor that clear precious rear space.The roomier interior is blessed with cappucchino leather, with an eggshell colored headliner and brown carpeting.

The pearlescent orange paint accentuates the dark wood of Kamagong Ghia.

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