Monday, April 12, 2010


Earlier this year, the Club promised that it would organize many activities that would make the VW community be more united and feel more proud of their cars.

True to that promise, another major activity will be held on Sunday, April 18, 2010 at the Quezon City Hall parking area starting at 7:00 am sharp ‘till 11:00 am.

An Independent film producer approached the Club to seek help in the making of their film project entitled “PENDONG”. I have a copy of the film’s synopsis but I guess it would be much better if I only tell snippets of it to whet your veedub appetite.

Bingo Cruz thinks he’s had the perfect and complete life – and ultimately deserves the VW Beetle car as his college graduation gift. This is after being the goody-goody son who remorsefully follows the strict codes of his parents for years. But when his mother reveals that his deceased father wasn’t his real dad – and that his biological father lives and owns a business in a far-flung province up north, he will gather his childhood friends, Dennis Lopez – a movie star, and Jay Salvacion – a college dropout, to go on in a masked road trip finding his dad.
Along the way, the Beetle – although has remained to be a road novelty and a subject of that classic Pendong game where a man hits someone who is standing next when he sees a Beetle [popularly called as Kotseng Kuba] – will be the cause of numerous mishaps along the way………
They will pick up a sexy, vixen lady MAYA – who becomes the subject of their trip’s desire. Maya will instead give them not just hard-ons but will put them between a rock and a hard place eventually.
As their situation escalates into worse times – funny but bumpy episodes will prove to be a relief in their long, arduous journey………..

The filming of the movie would entail the presence of 100 VW vehicles of all shapes and sizes. There would be one scene in the film that would be shot showing a gathering/car show of all VW vehicles. Since the producer is an independent one, (whatever that means) and their budget is limited (independent nga eh), they will give one (1) free breakfast meal each to the driver and one companion per VW vehicle participating. The drivers and companions should not expect any talent fee because they have no talents anyway(joke3). It’s the VW cars that’s needed (kaya nga Pendong ang title eh ).

The producer promised that the gathering/carshow scene would be extensive and would be given longer exposure in the final cut of the film

So, if you want to be part of this very first Philippine film involving lots and lots of VWs, sign-up and don’t be left out of this event. The first 100 VW owners to sign-up will be given the meals as mentioned. We will give priority to the guys who have signed up and will actually join in the bugrun/outreach to Tagaytay this coming Friday and to those who will join the mini-run on Saturday from Burger King to Fort Bonifacio.

Concessionaires who wish to sell anything may contact Club Secretary Oscar Dizon (09173977931) for arrangements.

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