Monday, September 18, 2006

VW Beach-Cruizers, Part 1

VW Beach-Cruizers, Part 1

Here are some VW Concepts that combine air-cooled Vintage Volkswagens and the 60s beach culture. The ultimate VW beach ride is the VW bus but there are many VWs that capture the surfers imagination.


Karmagong Ghia SurfWagen
What if Volkswagen produced a limited number of these sport wagens. Capitalizing on it's popularity in the 60s California beach scene, and transforming a sleek sports car into a surf wagen, Volkswagen could've offered an alternative to the ultimate beach ride, the VW Bus. Or you could do it yourself. Weld-in a rust-free Volkswagen Type3 Squareback top, side windows and rear hatch to fit a solid 60s Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

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Bora2 (Boracay Squareback)
Another beach cruiser, this Volkswagen Concept is based on a clapped out Type 3 Volkswagen Squareback. Instead of restoring the ugly front fenders, they are simply removed. The rusty rear fenders were also unceremoniously cut off altogether revealing the underlying sub structure. The entire roof was likewise cut off to be saved for a different SurfWagen concept. The basis for Bora2 was then repaired and reinforced with a steel substructure that incorporate swing-upward doors, Lambo-style .

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Another beach cruiser, this Volkswagen Concept is based on a Type 3 Volkswagen Squareback. Vermouth is Germanic for "worm wood" which provides an interesting theme for this VW.

After straightening out the body, pearl white paint with hot pink metallic flakes added for effect was expertly applied. The side panels were fitted and framed with dark redwood providing terrific contrast to the white body.

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Brazilian Woodie
The pointed nose suggest a more nautical theme perfect for this interpretation. The Brazilian Woodie is the ideal alternative Boracay Surf Company car. Instead of an early T2 Split Panel, or a T3 Square, the Brasilia can be a very enjoyable VW to wood up. Taking a few styling tricks from the SoCal surf scene, this VW Brasilia is measured and fit from the doors to the rear hatch with a dark red Brazilian hardwood veneer. Once fitted, custom framing is masterfully done by a cabinet maker ensuring a smooth finish. A generous urethane stain protects the wood from typhoons and monsoons. A bright "Sunset Red" House of Color "Brilliance Series" urethane topcoat is sprayed on the hood and fenders, while a pearl white top and windshield posts adds a little class.

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The Riva.
Those in the know, treasure a small exclusive Italian sports boat company with the Riva name. As in the case of Porsche, the family of Carlo Riva, produces a product lusted after by the rich and famous. The exquisite shape is mimicked by this Riva. Based on a Volkswagen Brasilia, this concept frequents the local hot spots of Bora. After chopping of roof and sides of the abandoned donor car, pinoy craftsmen thoroughly and painstakingly measured and fit Philippine wood to frame and, veneer to dress the sides and rear of Riva. The rear hatch gives the rear the shape critical to the Riva mystique.

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